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Onkyo a 9010

Onkyo A-9010

Integrated stereo amplifier, 2 x 44W, WRAT, RI, 5 analogue inputs and 1 output, phono. Available in black or silver.

£189.00 ex. VAT
Yamaha Av AS201

Yamaha AV – AS201

Entry class Integrated Hifi amplifier, features include: Pure Direct mode; Phono MM terminal for vinyl playback; Screw-type speaker terminals; Speaker selector and speaker terminals for two systems; Simple design remote control; Headphone terminal. Available in black or silver.

£179.00 ex. VAT


Cloud 36-50

Cloud 36/50

2 zone plus utility mixer amplifier, 6 music inputs, 1 mic input, 3 x 50 watt amplifiers

£650.00 ex. VAT
Cloud 46-50

Cloud 46/50

4 zone integrated mixer amplifier, 6 music inputs, 2 mic inputs, 4 x 50 watt amplifiers.

£815.00 ex. VAT
Ecler Ca 200Z

Ecler CA 200Z

Digital mixing amplifier with 6 audio inputs and 2 independent output zones (2 x 70 WRMS). Stereo, Mono, Bridge and Zones A/B operating modes. 4 line ins, 2 mic ins with talkover/pager function and 2-level priority system. Pager input for an MPAGE4 paging station. 2 remote control ports for volume control and source/preset selection, compatible with WPM wall panels. RS-232 interface. IR remote control included. Mute port. 5 preset memories. 1/2 RU width .

£459.00 ex. VAT
Ecler HMA 180

Ecler HMA180

Self-powered installation Public Address mixer. 4 MIC balanced inputs, independent 3 band EQ for MIC and LINE inputs;pager & chime function MIC1 input (voice level or contact closure activation); additional EMERGENCY MIC/LINE input; remote volume control port (0-10 VDC); remote MUTE control port; 24 VDC control output linkable to the PAGER and/or EMERGENCY functions (to activate the priority relays in remote volume controls); subsonic filter (@70Hz); insertion point in TRS format; 8 ohm, 70V, 100V powered output with D class 180W amplifier, convection cooled (100% silent; LINE level AUX output and internal & universal power supply.

£485.00 ex. VAT
Ecler eHsa4-150

Ecler eHSA4-150

High impedance 4-channel amplifier delivering 4 x 150 WRMS @ 70 / 100V. Features include: high-efficiency amplifiers (class D); auto stand-by function (super low consumption idle mode); 100% silent, fanless design; thermal and overload protections; anti-clip system.

£725.00 ex. VAT