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Our Recommended Equipment

We’ve put together a short summary list of our preferred audio equipment.

Whilst there are so many product choices available for audio installations we recommend the following for reliability, ease of use, quality of sound and overall value for money. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requests or bespoke design requirements.

We have links with most speaker manufacturers across the world and can access the vast majority of audio visual products at competitive prices. Our in house tech team are also at hand to help with any system design request.



Lab Gruppen PDX30000 Amplifier

Whatever your music source the signal has to be amplified for the speakers to transmit the signal into sound. A huge variety of amplifiers are available, each designed for a specific purpose and loudness level. We will advise you of the best amplifier for your unique circumstance.


Cloud Z8Mk4

To separate the music signal into different areas you will require a mixer. Required speaker power will determine the correct mixer for you. We will advise you once we have your volume level requirements.


Monitor Audio C280
Ceiling Speakers

These offer an unobtrusive way of installing speakers. Its important to think about whether there is enough space  between the load bearing floor above and the suspended ceiling.

RCF Art 312A Mk4
PA Powered Speakers

PA Speakers are an important part of any live sound set-up, providing reliable sound reinforcement and reproduction at live events and presentations. Brands from Yahama  to QSC differ considerably in design and sound. We have included several of our best sellers below. Please call for more information.

Bose Design Max DM6SE
Surface Mounted Speakers

Surface mount speakers come in a variety of colours and all come with a bracket. The bracket are used to mount the speaker on to a wall, column , almost anywhere. We can also commission the speakers to be sprayed any colour to blend in with the interior design.

Kef e305
Cinema and Home Audio

We stock range of speaker packages suitable for home cinema and surround sound use, we stock ranges suitable for all tastes and all budgets. These are some of our favorites.