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Surround Sound Speaker Packages

Kef e305

KEF E305

Surround sound speaker package with 2-way bass reflex and Uni-Q driver array. System consists of 4 x E301 satellites, 1 x E301c centre and 1 x E-2 subwoofer. Available in white or black

£745.00 ex. VAT
Monitor Audio Mass 5.0

Monitor Audio Mass 5.0

4″ C-CAM bass-mid-range driver, single bolt through drivers, 25mm C-CAM tweeter, damped polymer moulded cabinet with internal ribbing, single point fixing (1/4″ x 20 TPI), front ported HiVe port system. Set of 5 speakers.

£370.00 ex. VAT
Kef t205

KEF T205 System

Home theatre package comprising: 2 x T301 satellites, 2 x T101 satellites, 1 x T301c centre and 1 x T2 subwoofe.

£1240.00 ex. VAT