Choosing the right sound system

It’s very important to choose the correct commercial Audio system and these are set up very differently to your home sound systems.

The first thing to consider is the number of zones. Should the same music be playing throughout the venue and if so do the different areas need local volume control?

Our design team can help with this, take into account the ceiling heights in the various areas and materials used in construction, how many people will be in the space, how loud will the music be played  and also the soft furnishings are all factors in how the music will sound.


The amplifier powers the audio system’s speakers that are placed around the venue. It is usually housed in the data rack but should always be located somewhere ideally dry and cool. This will help improve the life span of the product. The amp should have enough power to drive all the speakers throughout your premises and we advise is that is should be simple and easy to for the staff to use.


Speakers broadcast the sound and should blend in well with the decor. Speakers come in many forms and from a myriad of manufactures. Speaker placement is important too    We have access to  best speaker manufacturers across the world and our in house team are at hand to guide you through the options.


Ceiling speakers

These offer an unobtrusive way of installing speakers. Its important to think about whether there is enough space  between the load bearing floor above and the suspended ceiling.


Surface Mounted speakers

Surface mount speakers come in a variety of colours and all come with a bracket. The bracket are used to mount the speaker on to a wall, column , almost anywhere. We can also commission the speakers to be sprayed any colour to blend in with the interior design.



Pendant speakers

These are useful for spaces with very high ceilings. They hang on chains suspended from the ceiling and bring the sound down to a suitable and optimum level for the public, usually no higher than 3.2 metres from the floor. They also can look great.


Speakers hidden in walls

High quality speakers installed inside walls provide extremely discreet way of locating speakers . They allow rooms to have beautiful sound playing with very minimal impact of the speakers.


Speakers in canvas Art or mirrors

Designed to hide the source of the sound in a variety of interesting wall hanging  canvas art pieces . Using flat panel speakers the sound quality is high quality and also non directional



Outside speakers that can be designed as rocks

Weatherproof outside speakers are becoming more and more popular. They can now be camouflaged, to blend in to the surrounding garden and with a good sound quality. Examples include speakers designed as garden rocks , with a granite or sandstone look finish, to speakers in planters and subwoofers in garden pots.


Speaker cable in general connects the speakers to the amp. The quality of the cable is just as important as the amplifier to the quality of the sound. We use high spec  cable to ensure the signal strength and sound performance is at an optimum.


We have a team of highly skilled install engineers to complete jobs across the UK and Europe. In some instances its a legal requirement that a qualified professional completed the work and also the audio system is connected to the fire alarm

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